Fire Services & Certification

Fire Alarm Design Services

Fire-PlanningColeman Electronics have the experience and knowledge to design fire alarm systems that will comply with local governmental bodies and the national fire alarm regulations IS3218:2008.

A correct fire alarm design is critical in ensuring that the requirements of a property are fulfilled in terms of meeting legislative demands and the impact on overall costs. There are many different methods of achieving compliance with the varied technology based systems on the market but selecting the appropriate system and design within a cost budget is key to most business's this is where Coleman Electronics can advise on which system, manufacturer and even installer if required to achieve our customers needs. We have the ability to produce AutoCAD drawings detailing our designs for customers and/or governmental approval.

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Fire Service & Maintenance

fire-alarm-maintenanceColeman Electronics Ltd  Service and Maintenance Packages
. Coleman Electronics carry out regular fire alarm service and maintenance services on behalf of our customers. Maintenance is now a recommendation within the latest version of the fire alarm regulations (IS3218:2008).

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Fire Risk Assessments

Regulatory Reform Order - Fire Risk Assessments
A Fire Risk Assessment is not an option - it is now a legal requirement. Coleman Electronics Ltd specialise in carrying out on-site Fire Risk Assessments for customers using fully certified and trained engineers and ensuring that both you and your company are totally compliant with the new legislation. If you consider that 70% of companies suffering a serious fire never re-open (or close within 3 years) and that failure to comply with the law carries both civil and criminal liability, then your next step should be to contact Coleman Electronics.

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Fire Extinguishers

Fire-Extinguisher-2Root3 supply and service fire extinguishers for many of our customers. Our engineers are fully qualified to FETA standards and are very competent in maintaining your extinguisher to enable them to work as they are designed to when they are really needed.

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Addressable Fire Alarms

kentec_syncro_asThe Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm System is a much more advanced system in terms of both the devices on the system and the control panel itself. This type of system is generally used in larger premise such as large schools, offices, hospitals, large factories.

Each device on a system is given an address and the control panel is told where that address is so that in the event of a fire the control panel not only displays the fire zone but also narrows the origin of fire down to a room/cupboard, etc and therefore fires are found much quicker by the occupiers and indeed the fire brigade.

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Conventional Fire Alarms

Conventional-AlarmFire Alarm Systems fall broadly into two groups – Conventional Systems or Analogue Addressable Systems. “Conventional” Fire alarm systems in their various forms, have been around for many years and have changed little in that time in terms of technology, although design and reliability have improved significantly. However, conventional systems are a well proven technology protecting many hundreds of thousands of properties worldwide. A Conventional Fire Alarm System is often the natural choice for smaller systems or where budget constraints exist.

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Fire Protection

At Coleman Electronics we believe that all commercial and industrial fire alarm systems should not only meet the requirements of the latest regulations but also exceed them. We are extremely experienced in the design of small and large scale fire alarm systems, from shops and small hotels to large office complexes with multi state fire alarm systems.
  • We have designed and installed systems for national blue chip companies, fully automatic analogue addressable fire alarm systems with complex cause and effect operations, boiler shutdowns, third party interfaces and connections to the fire brigade.
  • We have our own AutoCAD facility to produce high quality system drawings and zone charts to ensure our customers understand the systems we install and also that all of our customers meet local regulatory requirements and national standards.
  • We have the experience to work on most modern fire alarm systems and have a catalogue of fire alarm panel software to use if required for customers that have existing systems that require alterations or commissioning.
  • You have the peace of mind that a system installed by Root3 will be fit for purpose, meet all regulations and most importantly will work as it should in the event of a real fire.

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