Maintenance Facilities

PA Systems Maintenance

graphic-equalizerWhilst all our installed equipment is covered by our standard 12 month warranty, we obviously have many installations that have been in place longer than this.

For installations over 12 months old, we offer a very cost effective maintenance contract. Typically our maintenance contracts cover a preventative maintenance plan as well as emergency repair plans and temporary replacement equipment. Cost effectiveness and flexibility are our main aims and to achieve this, we construct every maintenance contract to each client's individual needs. We will even cover equipment that was not supplied or installed by Coleman Electronics Ltd.

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Periodic Inspection of Electrical Installations

CertificationThe time interval between inspections will depend on the type of installation and the way it is used. However for Commercial premises it is generally recommended that the interval should be about 3 years and certainly not more than 5 years. It should be remembered that the safety of the electrical installation in a premises beyond the ESB meter is the responsibility of the householder.

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Emergency Lighting Maintenance

emergency-lighting-1Irish legislation places a mandatory requirement for the provision and regular maintenance of emergency lighting in all public and commercial buildings. Not only can we design your emergency lighting systems and luminaires, we can also advise on appropriate locations and light levels in accordance with current Irish regulations.

You will have peace of mind in the knowledge that your lighting will work efficiently and safely in the event of an emergency.Our dedicated engineers will service your system quarterly, provide detailed reports on failed emergency luminaires and make all necessary repairs.

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Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

TrainingMaintenance of your fire equipment is absolutely essential for the safety of life and property.

Your fire equipment could sit its whole life without being used, but when you need to use it, it will be for the purpose of saving life and property so don’t take a gamble.All employers who are responsible for a particular work place must have their equipment serviced in accordance with National & European standards and regulations. The various standards, legislation and most insurance companies require that your fire equipment is serviced and inspected at specific intervals by a competent person. General Requirements are Service annually by a competent person – Carry out and record a monthly inspection by a responsible person.

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Access Control Maintenance

Access-ControlColeman Electronics Ltd have been providing service and maintenance programs to many of Ireland's leading companies for many years now in areas such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, banking, manufacturing, food, technology, parking, local authorities and Government institutions in theirAccess Department.

Systems supported include C.Cure, Lenel, Cardax, Powerfence, ACT, Janus, Aritech, Europlex, Came, Faac, Ditec, BFT, Fadini, PI and many others!

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Automatic Door/Roller Door Maintenance

Automatic_DoorsBy choosing Coleman Electronics Ltd to service and maintain your automatic door systems and automatic sliding partition walls you can be assured peace of mind with the knowledge that your investment is being protected in capable hands.
At Coleman Electronics Ltd we are aware that you may have automatic door systems from a combination of different manufacturers. As part of our commitment to making your day to day challenges easier we offer an extended service and maintenance programme to our market companions products. This gives you a one stop shop option for all your automatic door service and maintenance requirements.

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Fire Alarm Maintenance

Smoke-DetectorFire alarm maintenance is one of the most important aspects of Preventative Maintenance Management.

Without regular inspections and maintenance of fire alarm systems, smoke heads and automatic opening vents, developments are at risk of system failure during a fire.

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Intruder Alarm Maintenance

Intruder_AlarmIt is very important to have your burglar alarm serviced at least twice a year for the following reasons. You can help maintain the performance of the alarm with regular servicing and ensure that the alarm remains reliable. Most insurance companies require evidence that a burglar alarm has been installed and maintained by an approved company. It costs less to have a regular maintenance check carried out on your alarm than having to pay for repairs when the alarms breakdown. Regular servicing can predict and prevent costly faults occurring.

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Close Circuit TV Maintenance

Samsung-CameraContinued maintenance on a CCTV system is very important, although the modern Digital recorder has less moving parts than its humble counterpart the VCR, your system should be periodically inspected by a qualified engineer.

This will maximize your investment and enable your system to provide the best possible recorded images.

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Service and Maintenance Plan

The Value of an appropriate Service and Maintenance Plan

Do you own a business and tired of different companies servicing different items on your premises? Read on…

Whether there is one system or ten systems, Coleman Electronics will give you quality and value for service. We will take the time out to protect the value of your assets. Not only will regular service and maintenance increase the longevity of your electronics & security equipment it will also minimise potential downtime and reduce the risk to your property and assets.

You want to have the confidence and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your Electronics Security System will work in those situations it has been designed for. A regular schedule of maintenance and service will provide you with the confidence that your system will work every time it is needed.

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