Service and Maintenance Plan

The Value of an appropriate Service and Maintenance Plan

Do you own a business and tired of different companies servicing different items on your premises? Read on…

Whether there is one system or ten systems, Coleman Electronics will give you quality and value for service. We will take the time out to protect the value of your assets. Not only will regular service and maintenance increase the longevity of your electronics & security equipment it will also minimise potential downtime and reduce the risk to your property and assets.

You want to have the confidence and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your Electronics Security System will work in those situations it has been designed for. A regular schedule of maintenance and service will provide you with the confidence that your system will work every time it is needed.

An appropriate Service & Maintenance Plan can also assist you and your business in other ways:
  • Minimise the running costs over the life of your system
  • Minimise the risk that your insurance coverage might be compromised.
  • Minimise the cost of false alarms
  • Minimise the risk that your Quality Accreditation might be compromised
  • Minimise the risk to your Business Continuity and Risk Management Strategy

At the conclusion of your Service and Maintenance check, you will be provided with a complete service report for your records. Coleman Electronics Ltd provides a range of Service and Maintenance packages including Preventative Maintenance in a full range of products as listed here.