Intruder Alarm Maintenance

Intruder_AlarmIt is very important to have your burglar alarm serviced at least twice a year for the following reasons. You can help maintain the performance of the alarm with regular servicing and ensure that the alarm remains reliable. Most insurance companies require evidence that a burglar alarm has been installed and maintained by an approved company. It costs less to have a regular maintenance check carried out on your alarm than having to pay for repairs when the alarms breakdown. Regular servicing can predict and prevent costly faults occurring.

Items covered on a Maintenance Visit include:
  1. Check installation, location and siting of all equipment and devices against specification.
  2. Check operation of all detection devices.
  3. Check mains and stand-by battery power supplies, including charging rates.
  4. Check control unit for correct operation.
  5. Check remote signaling equipment physical connections.
  6. Test remote signaling equipment communications to the Alarm Receiving Centre.
  7. Check all audible warnings, alarm devices & check system is fully operational.
  8. Provide a signed engineer’s report.