Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

TrainingMaintenance of your fire equipment is absolutely essential for the safety of life and property.

Your fire equipment could sit its whole life without being used, but when you need to use it, it will be for the purpose of saving life and property so don’t take a gamble.All employers who are responsible for a particular work place must have their equipment serviced in accordance with National & European standards and regulations. The various standards, legislation and most insurance companies require that your fire equipment is serviced and inspected at specific intervals by a competent person. General Requirements are Service annually by a competent person – Carry out and record a monthly inspection by a responsible person.

fire_extinguishersWhat If we don’t service our fire extinguisher equipment?
You could be liable for fines and your insurance policy could also be invalid if a fire were to occur. Most importantly though you could be at risk of the fire equipment not working when you need it and thus putting your staff, visitors, property & business at risk.