Periodic Inspection of Electrical Installations

CertificationThe time interval between inspections will depend on the type of installation and the way it is used. However for Commercial premises it is generally recommended that the interval should be about 3 years and certainly not more than 5 years. It should be remembered that the safety of the electrical installation in a premises beyond the ESB meter is the responsibility of the householder.
Over recent times there has been a big increase in the number and types of electrical appliances used in a premises. This is another reason why you should make sure that the electric wiring is adequate for the increased load and demands placed on it. Many older premises contain cables and fittings that maybe have deteriorated with time. Most registered contractors will undertake periodic inspections. Coleman Electronics offer a periodic inspection service to consumers who would like to have a detailed report on the condition of the electrical wiring system on their Premises.

The Coleman Electronics inspector will carry out a visual examination of all the parts of the installation readily accessible and take all test measurements required under the National Wiring Rules. A report will be submitted to the Premises Owner, which will detail all aspects of the installation and will also list any remedial work, which should be undertaken.